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04.12.2022, 2538 Zeichen

Andritz: International technology group Andritz has received an order from Sappi Austria Produktions GmbH & Co KG to supply key components for a new broke handling system for its mill in Gratkorn, Austria. Start-up is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023. The new broke handling will be part of the production line PM9 producing high-quality wet strength paper, such as label paper in the future. ANDRITZ will deliver high-consistency (HC) pulping, high-density (HD) cleaning and deflaking for processing the special type of broke.
Andritz: weekly performance: 2.09%

FACC: Aerospace company FACC AG is relying on sustainable packaging: for smaller parts, only packaging and filling material made of recycled cardboard are used, avoiding all plastic. For larger packaging units, destined for overseas deliveries and complex systems requiring additional filling material, air cushion foil is produced at FACC from sustainable materials. According to the company it has a recycled content of 40% and is produced in a 100% carbon-neutral process. It is essential that the foil is inflated with air only after reaching its destination: in this way, transport of the foil requires around 25 times less space than before. This alone saves 30 truck trips per year. In total, this amounts to CO2 savings of approximately 40 metric tons. This is equivalent to the consumption of around 20 single-family homes per year.
FACC: weekly performance: 0.83%

Kapsch TrafficCom: Kapsch TrafficCom introduces a gantry made from local and renewable resources that paves the way for sustainable road infrastructure with its positive carbon footprint. Everyone is familiar with the sight of the mostly gray steel gantries on highways. On average, each steel gantry causes over 30 tons of CO2 during its production. In contrast, the gantry developed by Kapsch TrafficCom, which is made of Austrian wood, binds more than 20 tons of CO2 and thus has a positive carbon footprint.
Kapsch TrafficCom: weekly performance: 0.94%

Palfinger: In 2023, lifting solutions provider Palfinger will deliver 60 of its new PF120-4 fixed boom cranes to the Moray West Offshore Wind Farm in Scotland and one PTM1200 jetty crane to its Operations & Maintenance (O&M) base. Thanks to its long coastline and ideal wind conditions, Scotland is a hotspot for the offshore wind industry. The Moray West offshore wind farm is located in the outer Moray Firth off Inverness.r:
Palfinger: weekly performance: 0.60%

(From the 21st Austria weekly https://www.boerse-social.com/21staustria (30/11/2022)

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