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05.12.2021, 4623 Zeichen

Frequentis: The UK Future Flight Challenge Consortium consisting of Dronecloud, Frequentis, Sky-Drones, Cranfield University and Skyports successfully completed Project RISE to help unlock the future of drone operations through consolidating UTM services. Field trials were successfully completed at Cranfield Airport in the UK in November 2021, demonstrating a working solution. “RISE is a considerable project showcasing the automated interaction between drone operators and ATC. It provides a technical scenario for future interaction and coordination in the airspaces above UK. To close the value chain between the clients of commercial drone operators and ATC, Frequentis provided the necessary UTM back-end technology (MosaiX SWIM) and the required tower application. The validation activities included strong involvement of user interface experts and ATCOs, ensuring its feasibility. We are pleased to contribute our proven solutions and experience to this UTM project,” says Joachim Edel, Frequentis, New Business Development Manager. Integrations were developed between a Ground Control Station (GCS), an Uncrewed Traffic Management Service Provider (UTMSP) and an Air Traffic Control (ATC) interface to increase levels of automation of approvals and ATC in non-segregated airspace. It is delivered through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), enabling future integrations with other drone manufacturers and UTM service providers, taking the drone industry a step closer towards unlocking beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights at scale.
Frequentis: weekly performance: -5.45%

Porr: Austrian based construction group Porr and Umdasch Group Ventures are together driving forward the topic of digital construction logistics and have founded the joint venture Sequelleo for this purpose. Behind this name is a construction logistics platform that brings together clients and suppliers while simultaneously ensuring maximum data security. With clear objectives and a great deal of industry knowledge, the software company will support the key players in construction with their daily work. As soon as Sequello is introduced to the market at the start of 2022, it will be possible to order concrete, gravel, sand and ballast digitally. What’s more, users can then view all deliveries at a glance and make their entries all the way through to checking the invoices – all online and completely confidential for construction companies and suppliers. And everyone benefits from this: Sequello allows you to save eight minutes per receipt processed – an enormous time saving if one has 100,000 a year for example.
Porr: weekly performance: 8.47%

UBM: The receipt of the building permit marks the start for the realisation of the Timber Pioneer, a joint project by UBM Development and Paulus Immobilien. The timber hybrid construction will be carried out by the Austrian WIEHAG, one of the world market leaders for timber engineering. WIEHAG provides engineering services and specially designed timber components for star architects and developers from Singapore to London and currently is supplying the components for the 25-storey, nearly 90-metre “Ascent Tower“, which will soon be the highest timber tower in the world. The Timber Pioneer is located in Frankfurt’s popular Europaviertel, near the F.A.Z. Tower which was also developed by UBM and Paulus. As the first office building in Frankfurt to be built in timber hybrid construction, this eight-storey building will have 14,100 square metres of office space as well as roughly 1,000 square metres of retail space on the ground floor. The Timber Pioneer will not only be a green building, but also a smart office that gives tenants a wide range of options from individual offices to open space designs. This space should be available to tenants within 15 months, whereby plans also include a forward sale.
UBM: weekly performance: 1.69%

Andritz: International technology group Andritz has successfully started up a new 700 t/d Herb recovery boiler at KR Pulp & Papers Limited in Shahjahanpur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. he boiler is designed to handle a mixture of hardwood and agro-based black liquor and enables environmentally friendly and highly energy-efficient operation when compared to the black liquor incinerator previously used at the mill. Thus, the mill’s pulp production as well as the power-to-heat-ratio will increase substantially. The boiler also features a unique vertical air system to minimize air emissions.
Andritz: weekly performance: -0.42%

(From the 21st Austria weekly https://www.boerse-social.com/21staustria (01/12/2021)

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