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21.04.2024, 3399 Zeichen

Agrana: Fruit, starch, sugar company Agrana generated operating profit (EBIT) of € 151.0 million in its 2023|24 financial year (1 March 2023 to 29 February 2024), which is in line with its guidance of a very significant improvement compared to the prior year (2022|23: € 88.3 million). Earnings per share rose to € 1.04 (prior year: € 0.25). Consolidated revenue amounted to € 3,786.9 million (prior year: € 3,637.4 million). As previously communicated in the Q3 results published in January 2024, Agrana sees itself confronted with an increasingly challenging business environment since the fourth quarter of 2023|24 and forecasts EBIT for the 2024|25 financial year which will be significantly below the comparable figure in 2023|24. This decline in results will already become apparent in the first quarter of 2024|25.
Agrana: weekly performance: -0.74%

Marinomed: Marinomed Biotech AG reported a decline of revenues by 18.6 % to EUR 9.2 million for 2023 (2022: EUR 11.3 million), which is clearly above pre-pandemic levels. The expected decrease in demand for cough and cold products due to the slow-down of the pandemic as well as high customers’ stock levels contributed to low order volumes. Cash and cash equivalents decreased to EUR 2.6 million (2022: EUR 8.2 million), with no major financing cash-inflows in the 2023 financial year contributing to the cash position. In March 2024, Marinomed reached an agreement with the European Investment Bank to defer the capital repayments of the 2019 venture loan (EUR 15 million) by 18 months. The decline in revenues was mostly offset by savings in consulting expenses and increased income from grants and subsidies. Expenses for research and development remained almost unchanged at EUR 7 million (2022: EUR 6.9 million). Therefore, the operating result (EBIT) of EUR -5.1 million was slightly below last year’s figure of EUR -4.9 million. Pascal Schmidt, CFO of Marinomed, adds. “Our primary goal is to achieve operating profitability. Our focus now is on near-term cash generation, including further license deals for Budesolv and expanding our Carragelose business."
Marinomed Biotech: weekly performance: -2.27%

A1 Telekom Austria: Total revenues of A1 Group in the first quarter increased by 0.7% year-on-year to EUR 1,267 mn. The increase in service revenues more than outweighed the decline in equipment revenues. Service revenues grew by 3.1% year-on-year up to EUR 1,071 mn mainly driven by retail mobile service revenues while solutions and connectivity and retail fixed-line revenues also rose. Those drivers offset the decline in interconnection revenues. Rising service revenues also offset the declining equipment revenues driven mainly by the mobile business. EBITDA increased by 4.2% up to EUR 454 mn. Alejandro Plater, CEO of A1 Group, on the highlights of the first quarter of 2024: "We have made a good start to the new year. While the CEE markets showed a stable performance, there were certainly challenges in some segments in Austria. Net result (proforma) for the first quarter of 2024 grew by 10.5% and was EUR 117 million. In an environment of rising costs, especially workforce, we continue to focus consistently on the implementation of efficiency measures. The outlook for 2024 is stable."
Telekom Austria: weekly performance: 1.02%

(From the 21st Austria weekly https://www.boerse-social.com/21staustria (16/04/2024)

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