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OMV:  Austrian oil and gas group OMV makes synthetic crude out of drinking cups. Since the end of 2018, Austrian Airlines flight attendants have been separating the plastic cups used by passengers from the rest of the waste. A disposal company then cleans and shreds them before delivering them to the ReOil® pilot plant at the Schwechat Refinery. A process known as thermal cracking is used to produce synthetic crude from plastic waste. This crude is then processed in the Schwechat Refinery into fuel or other raw materials for the plastics industry. With this recycling initiative, Austrian Airlines is supporting a circular economy that conserves resources. In addition, Flughafen Wien AG is a key logistics partner in this process. "Austrian Airlines is consistently striving to reduce waste on board our flights. Our flight attendants have been making a key contribution for many years by recycling. I am delighted that – together with OMV – we have been able to take another crucial step towards this goal on the initiative of the crew members from the Austrian Airlines "Fly greener" team", said Vera Renner, Vice President Cabin Operations of Austrian Airlines, commenting on the cooperation with the home carrier as part of OMV's ReOil® pilot project. Thomas Gangl, OMV Senior Vice President Refining & Petrochemicals: "The exceptional properties of plastic as a material mean make it hard to imagine life without it. In the ReOil pilot plant, we are able to turn the AUA drinking cups into synthetic crude and then process them into fuel or back into plastics. Our OMV research project allows us to close the circle and reduce waste. These joint efforts send a clear signal of how important conserving resources is to both of our companies". OMV has been exploring the potential of used plastics since 2011. After a test unit in the technology center of the Schwechat Refinery yielded successful research results, the significantly larger ReOil® pilot plant started operations in early 2018 in the Schwechat Refinery. 100 kilograms of used plastics can produce 100 liters of synthetic crude.
OMV: weekly performance: 2.17%

Semperit: Semperit, producer of highly specialised rubber products, repoerted figures. In 2018, the Group’s revenue increased slightly to Euro 878.5 mn. Adjusted for the negative one-off effects of Euro 3.9 mn from the shutdown of the Sempertrans site in China, EBITDA increased from Euro 35.8 mn to Euro 50.3 mn. The reported EBITDA was Euro 46.4 mn in 2018 after Euro 100.2 mn in 2017. The reported EBIT amounted to Euro -47.7 mn in 2018 after Euro 37.6 mn in 2017 (including one-off effects from the joint venture transaction in Thailand). “We have bottomed out: our intensified restructuring and transformation course has led to a significant improvement in operating earnings in the Industrial Sector,” emphasises Dr Martin Füllenbach, Chairman of the Management Board of Semperit AG Holding. “The negative development in the Medical Sector remains a drop of bitterness, for the restructuring of which we deliberately set a period of 36 months. We are working on the urgently needed turnaround of Sempermed with utmost concentration.” The Management Board of Semperit will continue the restructuring and transformation process that has been started with all its consequences. Continuous and potentially new measures to increase profitability and reduce complexity remain at the top of the Management Board’s agenda. Since the beginning of the restructuring and transformation process, the Management Board has identified significant potentials for earnings improvement and initiated appropriate implementation measures. The conclusion of the transformation of the Semperit Group is scheduled for the end of 2020. From this point of time, the Semperit Group aims to achieve an EBITDA margin of around 10% (run rate 2021) as central key performance indicator.
Semperit: weekly performance: 1.13%

(From the 21st Austria weekly https://www.boerse-social.com/21staustria (22/03/2019)

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1. OMV Aktiengesellschaft: 50 Jahre verlässliche russische Gaslieferungen nach Österreich; Schwerarbeit beim Pipelinebau am Beispiel einer Erdgasrohrverlegung auf österreichischem Boden. Fotocredit:OMV

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