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Procare Health: Silencing HPV infection may exacerbate the physiological effects of the emotional burden

04.03.2024, 3290 Zeichen
Valencia, Spain (ots/PRNewswire) - The emotional impact of a human papillomavirus (HPV) diagnosis is significant, often leading to feelings of fear, worry, guilt, and self-stigmatization among women. Recognizing the importance of addressing these emotions alongside physical symptoms, Procare Health organized the third 'HPV TALKS' session on the International HPV Awareness Day. Led by Dr. Raquel Tulleuda, a gynaecologist, and Ms. Vanesa Falcón, a psychologist, the session emphasized the holistic approach needed to manage HPV, focusing on emotional well-being alongside medical treatment.
Experts highlighted the complexity of emotions faced by patients, stressing the importance of open communication and seeking support from both partners and healthcare professionals to navigate the diagnosis effectively. They emphasized the crucial role of psychological intervention in managing these emotions, given the insufficient information often provided during gynecological consultations.
The session also discussed proactive strategies for HPV management, including the use of Papilocare® products. Clinical trials involving over 600 patients demonstrated Papilocare® vaginal gel's efficacy in normalizing cervical lesions and clearing high-risk HPV strains. Notable studies as the Paloma clinical trial, published in the American scientific journal Journal of Lower Genital Tract Diseases, or the observational study Papilobs, published last July in the prestigious journal Cancers consistently showed significant improvements with Papilocare® treatment:
* An 88% normalization rate of low-grade cervical lesions in patients with high-risk HPV after six months of Papilocare® treatment, compared to only 56% in untreated individuals.
* A 63% negative high-risk HPV test rate post-treatment among Papilocare® users, contrasting with 40% in the control group.
To address the emotional aspect of HPV management, the experts provided six key habits for patients:
1. Communicate openly about the diagnosis.
2. Seek reliable information about HPV.
3. Take proactive steps, including following efficient non-invasive treatments.
4. Express emotions to trusted individuals.
5. Practice relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety.
6. Maintain a healthy lifestyle to bolster immune function and overall well-being.
Procare Health, dedicated to women's health, emphasizes scientific evidence and clinical efficacy in its products. With a focus on international expansion, the laboratory conducts extensive research and clinical trials to provide innovative solutions for women's health issues.
In conclusion, the program underscores the importance of addressing the emotional impact of HPV alongside medical treatment. By adopting a holistic approach and implementing proactive strategies, patients can better manage the psychological aspects of the condition, ultimately improving their overall well-being.
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